Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aerial VehicleTeam 5 Drone (UAS) Division

UAS: they are all the talk. Surveying this new frontier, Team5 saw something missing: the lack of participants with a film background – more specifically the lack of aviation film backgrounds. This key void led Team5 to decide to enter this field without compromise. While embracing the latest UAS technology we insisted on retaining the unparalleled film aviation experience our careers were built upon. Team5 is currently one of only a handful of UAS operators that are legally exempted to work in the United States on commercial film productions.

Team5 operates their UAS’s as if they were real aircraft with mandatory production crew safety briefings, intermittent traffic control as required, and all under our Motion Picture Movie Manual and associated FAA Plan of Activities. Team5 believes that there doesn’t have to be any compromises when a shot calls for the unique properties of a UAS. Further, we are the only company to offer a seamless transition from full size motion picture aircraft to UAS’s – with experienced operations in each specialty, we have you covered.

System Features

  • FAA exempted entity listed with the CA Film Commission and Film LA
  • Unparalleled guidance through UAS permitting and approval processes
  • Fully custom UASs
  • The most rigid and capable drones in existence
  • Capable of flying 6K Dragon Camera
  • Redundant on-set systems
  • Gyro stabilized 3 axis Movi 15 gimbal
  • Proprietary camera isolation mounts
  • Flight times in excess of 18 minutes
  • Batteries and charger quantities for continuous operation
  • Fully integrated carbon fiber camera operator console
  • Leading HD downlinks
  • In house Red camera rentals as needed
  • Industry leading setup and breakdown times