The SHOTOVER Hydra combines our leading Shotover K1 stabilized platform and our advanced panoramic payload. Using a custom integration that synchronizes six Red Dragon 6K cinema cameras, the Hydra provides footage to construct frames that span an unprecedented 160 degrees field of view primarily for use in background plate photography. 14K + blockbuster-quality images are synced to platform metadata including GPS positioning along with heading and camera angles for every shot. Background plates become a thing of freedom with the Hydra providing matching images for almost any foreground imagery imaginable.

We have taken the array concept to the next evolution by allowing this system to be put in use in the time it would take to swap a complete camera and lens from any aerial mount. By providing this complete solution including cameras and lenses we can take the previous industry standard of days to setup and bring that down to hours. Team5 controls the entire rental package allowing for flexible pricing and eliminating repetitive setup that would otherwise have to be redone project-to-project.

The Hydra takes array technology further yet at the same time makes it much more accessible for production than anything to come before it in this class:

  • Six 6K Dragon Cameras in a synchronized array
  • 152 degrees horizontal, 65 vertical field-of view
  • Over 100MP of data yielding a 14K L-R minimum image size after assembly
  • Superior viewing, control and sync than previous solutions
  • Much quicker installation time over previous solutions
  • Available as a complete system including cameras and lenses
  • Lens maps available