The SHOTOVER K1 is the next evolution in aerial cinematography. This 6-axis gyro-stabilized platform delivers unparalleled stability along with a class-leading horizon in all operating environments. The K1 has an open-architecture design allowing a virtually unlimited choice of digital camera and lens setups. All of this flexibility is comprised of carbon fiber construction throughout that ultimately means the ability to carry large payloads yet have a lightest-in-class weight.

The SHOTOVER F1 is the latest in the new class of medium-sized stabilized platforms. Delivering all of the leading performance and stability of the K1 system, the F1 is a substantially smaller system that is therefore lighter and has a quicker installation time. The F1 is perfect for productions that may not need every lens and camera combination but still demand the best performance available.

The SHOTOVER Hydra is the combination of our leading K1 stabilized platform and an advanced panoramic payload. Using a custom integration that synchronizes six Red Dragon 6K cinema cameras, the Hydra allows the construction of images that span an unprecedented 160 degrees field of view.  These blockbuster-quality images are recorded alongside platform metadata that includes GPS position along with the vehicle and camera positioning. Background plates become a thing of freedom, capturing matching images for almost any foreground imagery imaginable.

The Team5 long-line system is designed to allow suspending the SHOTOVER K1 or F1 systems from a cable below the helicopter. This can allow for the camera to be put into places where a the helicopter might not fit or to avoid rotor downwash (i.e. down a narrow valley, low over water). Our custom system has cable lengths of 50 and 100 feet than can be combined as well. Compatible with the Hydra multi-camera array.

The Team5 drone division brings the latest dimension to aerial photography via Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). We are one of a very few FAA exempted companies legal to operate commercial drone operations in the United States. Of the current participants, we offer a surprisingly unique but refreshingly familiar process that stands out among even the exempted UAS operators: Team5 takes cutting-edge custom gear and combines it with high-hour licensed pilots that have motion picture aviation experience. We add widely experienced Aerial DP’s and create operations that are guided by true aerial coordinators. The result is drone cinematography that takes the best of the new world upon the necessary foundation of tried and tested set practices and safety procedures.